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Google Books: American English PDF Stampa E-mail
Lunedì 14 Maggio 2012 19:43


Accesso intelligente e linguisticamente sensibile ai materiali di Google Books dell'inglese americano. Un lavoro veramente utile e pregevole a cura di Mark Davies.

"This new interface for Google Books allows you to search more than 155 billion (155,000,000,000) words in more than 1.3 million books of American English from 1810-2009 (including 62 billion words from 1980-2009). Although this "corpus" is based on Google Books data, it is not an official product of Google or Google Books (citation), but rather it was created by Mark Davies, Professor of Linguistics at Brigham Young University, and it is related to other large corpora that we have created.

This interface allows you to search the Google Books data in many ways that are much more advanced than what is possible with the simple Google Books interface. You can search by word, phrase, substring, lemma, part of speech, synonyms, and collocates (nearby words). You can copy the data to other applications for further analysis, which you can't do with the regular Google Books interface. And you can quickly and easily compare the data in two different sections of the corpus (for example, adjectives describing women or art or music in the 1960s-2000s vs the 1870s-1910s)." from Mark Davies site.